Welcome to the LanguageTool TinyMCE 4.X Demo!
Feel free to try out all kinds of settings. If you find any errors, please report it.
For advanced users, the demo is set to debug mode so you can monitor the console.log for any additional errors that may not be apperent.

Please set a few configuration options before we begin: Language:

Suggestions Context Menu:

Context Menu Message Size:

Set Processing Mode:

Emulate Instance:
Private server is an example of the responsiveness you will get if you set your own languagetool private server (500ms or 0.5 seconds), public server is an example of the responsiveness you will get using the public server (10000ms or 10 seconds). The server will begin processing after you finish writing the line/paragraph

Debug Level:
0 would be the fastest but least preferable since you would not be able to debug via console.log, but if you want to just check speed, that would be the best option. For highest debug level is TRACE at 6.

Github for bug reports:(Please mention browser and version)
Preferred Method:
Alternative method:(Email)
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